Welcome !

On this site, you will find drivers, patches and utilities which will
make your Macs (when running under Windows) better suited to the Apple
specifications. including a keyboard mapping that perfect suit your Mac keyboard better than Apple Bootcamp driver ( 1.3 and 2.0ß are less complete than this one) including all combinaisons possible.

Updated Dayly...

Some of these utilities allow you to use your familiar Macintosh key
combinations when you run under Windows, such as using your trackpad
or use Control+Alt+Delete. Most of the patches are accompanied by basic
english instructions and screenshots.

Overclock your X1600 video card! Improve your game performance by 30%! And INCOMING Overclock Nvidia iMac and Mac Pro 30% more power in game !

I hope that these tools will make our experience on Windows slightly
more agreeable (if that's even possible).


Sorry if my english isn't perfect and hurt you i'm French ;)